Personal transformation is often catalyzed by significant life events, challenges, or moments of introspection. It typically involves a journey of self-discovery, growth, and development. Ultimately, it leads to greater self-fulfillment, authenticity, and alignment with one’s values and aspirations.

Marcel sees herself as a true partner with her clients, working together to find solutions that work for them. She offers practical strategies supported by techniques that deliver deep change.


Interpersonal Growth
Behavioral Change
Emotional Development
Mindset Shifts
Spiritual Awakening
Identity Exploration
Coach Mentoring

The Phoenix is a symbol of transformation
The Phoenix is a symbol of transformation

Areas of transformation that Marcel specializes in include:

Interpersonal Growth: Improving relationships, setting boundaries, and developing better communication skills.

Behavioral Change: Adopting new habits, letting go of harmful patterns, or embracing healthier lifestyle choices.

Emotional Development: Increasing self-awareness, managing emotions more effectively, and cultivating empathy and compassion.

Mindset Shifts: Changing from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, where one believes in their ability to learn and adapt.

Spiritual Awakening: Finding deeper meaning or purpose in life, exploring spirituality, or experiencing a shift in one’s understanding of existence.

Identity Exploration: Questioning and evolving one’s sense of self, including aspects like cultural identity, or roles within society.

Coach Mentoring

Marcel coaches’ individuals seeking to empower others in transforming their lives. She guides coaches in internalizing the mindset and skills in their own lives and professions, then equips them with the necessary support and tools to effectively coach or train others.

What clients have said about working with Marcel

Working with Marcel has been a rewarding and life-changing experience. She has provided me with the support and tools to discover my true self, and I am learning to love who I am. Marcel's extensive experience, and compassion have been invaluable, and I am incredibly grateful to have found her. She continues to support me and equip me with the tools to navigate my everyday challenges.

I am deeply grateful to have Marcel as a resource in my life. She has helped me navigate numerous events over the years and has been instrumental in my journey of interpersonal growth. With her guidance, I have learned to cultivate better relationships, set boundaries, and manage my emotions in a healthy, empathic way.

When I started working with Marcel, I doubted my ability to self-reflect. However, learning about my Enneagram type brought a new level of awareness that transformed my self-perception. I can now examine my motivations and make better choices to how I respond, particularly to stress situations.

When Marcel and I began working together I was a leader who cared about her team but was micromanaging them and focusing on perfection. I've learned to inspire my team and strive for excellence and let go of the search for perfectionism.

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