Learning & Development

Learning must be simple, relevant and fun to engage today’s workforce.

The challenge is that employees are bombarded with information all day, every day. If employees cannot see how the learning applies to their job or how it aligns to their team goals, it will have little to no impact.

We use five leading practices:

  • Links to your business strategy
  • Builds organizational capability
  • Creates a culture of agility, innovation, and learning
  • Driven by senior leaders
  • Measured for impact on business results

Talent Management

Talent Management is considered important in a world where human capital is seen as a company’s greatest asset and that companies are constantly at risk of losing their employees to more attractive competitors.

The challenge is that the word Talent Management can have a negative connotation among leaders.

While having all the right technology and processes in place to drive a sound talent management process, many organizations have overcomplicated it with reports, tools and paperwork.  They have eliminated the most important component which is the dialogue.

What we do is simplify the process.  We identify where your leaders are getting stuck or where the process isn’t adding value any longer and we start from there.

What Others Say

Marcel was instrumental in the development of one of the most successful leadership programs implemented in our company.  She incorporated participants experiences and exercises that resulted in better retention and application of lessons learned.  Furthermore, she strikes a perfect balance between listening, reflecting on the information, sharing insights and working on an approach to reach a solution.   She has a great personality and amiable demeanor that allows people to feel comfortable working with her.

Division President Fortune 500 Company

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