Marcel 2024

In 2017, Marcel established The C3 Group to assist individuals in achieving true transformation. While change offers limited success, transformation guides us through the next stages of our development, enabling us to become more self-aware, wiser, and resilient so that we can live with less stress and more effectiveness in our modern, technological world.

Marcel’s gift is the ability to see through incisively to the core of a problem and enable her clients to find their own solutions from a new level of awareness. She has found that close alliances forged in her work with clients, the process of creative collaboration, and working with people who have a strong desire to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their role in the world are the ones who discover lasting change.

Marcel draws on three fields of study; modern psychology, neuroscience, and mindfulness to help her clients transform their personal and professional lives. Through thousands of hours of working with clients, she has formulated the five principles of self-leadership, which is the ability to draw on one’s own internal wisdom and qualities to transform one’s own life.

Professional Credentials

  • Twenty-five plus years’ business experience in two Fortune 500 firms
  • Founder/business owner since 2017
  • Two master’s degrees
  • Yoga 200 RYT Certified
  • Hundreds of hours of training in coaching, psychology, emotional intelligence, leadership, organizational development, and diversity
  • Certifications in multiple personality assessments and 360s

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